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Justin Woodland

Founder/Board Member


Amber Woodland


Sherri Holder

Justin graduated from Clemson University where he forged decades long relationships with some of the most influential people in his life. Prominent among them is Ashley Thomasson and her family, the purpose of this Foundation. After selling his small family-owned bagel café in 2021, he plunged into the greatest and most rewarding role of his career, a full time “dance” dad. Justin lives in southern Delaware with his wife and daughter.

Amber’s enthusiasm for giving is the catalyst for her career decision to be an elder law attorney. She has served thousands of local families over the years through knowledge, compassion, and caring.  Additionally, she has served as a board member and committee chair on numerous local service foundations. Amber’s desire to educate is a fundamental guiding principle for giving back. This includes teaching her daughter that authentically giving from the heart is the most fulfilling gift you can give.

Sherri has dedicated her career to growing the success of small businesses on the Eastern Shore by developing strong relationships and leaders within those companies. She is driven by a simple belief that no matter the circumstances, every person can be a leader if they are given the tools and encouragement to embrace challenges as opportunities. Her greatest passion and motivator to stay curious and be great is her two children and three grandchildren. 


Layla Woodland

Layla is a middle school student, competitive dancer, beach lover, and Disney enthusiast. To describe her in a word would be to say she is thoughtful. She is also very creative; the red bird in our logo was hand drawn by her.


Red Bird Legacy Foundation is dedicated to our dear friend, Ashley Thomasson, who lived 39 vibrant years and inspired us to help other parents like her who receive life-changing diagnoses when their children are still young.

In early 2019, Ashley was diagnosed with metastatic cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). She immediately sought treatments focused on reducing her symptoms and improving her quality of life. Making joyful memories with her husband, Patrick, and young daughters, Ellie and Reese, and preserving her legacy of hope, faith, selflessness, and love became a priority.

Specifically, motherhood was a privilege Ashley never took for granted. Ashley’s biggest task amidst exhausting and emotional consultations, trips, surgeries, and treatments: preserving her memory for Ellie and Reese. Thanks to the guidance and resources provided by a similar nonprofit – Let There Be Mom in Greenville, SC – Ashley focused on creating countless keepsakes for her daughters to receive at important milestones in their lives...



The red bird is an uplifting reminder that the memory of those we have lost will live forever, so long as we keep them alive in our hearts.

Before Ashley passed away, she told Ellie and Reese to think of her every time they see a red bird. This would be her way of visiting them. On the day of Ashley’s funeral, a red bird flew in and perched on the feeder hanging outside their kitchen window. Reese exclaimed “mama” and that moment will forever be cemented into our hearts. Clay red birds were gifted to Ellie and Reese that day so that they can always carry their “mama” with them.


When we returned home from Ashley’s funeral, we hung a birdfeeder in our own backyard. We see a red bird daily and think of Ashley every time. Fast forward to June 2023 when several signs, including a red bird in the middle of a rainstorm, inspired us to form Red Bird Legacy Foundation. Ashley’s grateful “get to” attitude and generous approach to life is a powerful legacy that continues to touch us and many others. We will forever be #allinforAshley.

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